Focus Strategic Solutions is a national and international organizational development firm. We help develop people and organizations by equipping them with the skills they need to lead the lives they want. We do this by providing strategic planning and leadership development solutions that deliver improved performance, profitability and an exceptional life.

Through years of tried and tested experience, we have honed highly effective yet easily implemented processes that help yield "Powerful Strategies and Proven Results."


Imagine for a moment what it would be like if everyone in your organization was on the same page pulling in the same direction. What a powerful concept! We're talking about individuals who are able to get things done, finish projects, and contribute significantly to high functioning teams — leaders who are accountable, proactive, responsible, motivated, self-directed role models who get results rather than give excuses. Can you imagine what this would do for your organization; how it would make you feel?

Think of it like a tug of war where everyone on one side is pulling the rope in different directions versus the other side where everyone is made to feel like an owner pulling the rope in the same direction.

Our Values

  • MUTUAL RESPECT: We will strive to create an environment of mutual respect through understanding, compassion and empathy towards our stakeholders. We embrace diversity and cultural differences.
  • INTEGRITY: We operate as an ethical enterprise at all levels. We do what we ask our clients to do. We will not engage when we are more committed to someone’s success than they are.
  • EXCELLENCE: We are a performance-based business focused on clearly defined goals, thoughtful strategies and well executed plans. We foster a continual learning environment to ensure our performance remains competitively strong.