About Focus Strategic Solutions

Who We Are

We offer high impact, strategic / business planning, leadership development, coaching, and continuous improvement services. Collectively, our experienced professionals form an organization focused to enable you and your employees and processes to work more efficiently and effectively by aligning the core purpose of your organization with the needs of your customers.

This site has been developed with you in mind - it's low on hype and high on help. You can get some great information in a hurry or feel free to stick around and explore awhile.

What We Believe

Our Mission: Focus Strategic Solutions provides strategic development, leadership, youth leadership, and continuous improvement services to empower individuals and organizations to achieve the success they desire.

Our Vision: We help develop people and organizations by equipping them with the skills they need to lead the lives they want. We do this by providing development solutions that delivers improved relationships, performance and profitability.

Our Core Belief: With every decision we make we hold our associates’ and clients’ best interest at heart.

How We Do Business

We have found that it is only possible to obtain and retain client loyalty by delivering outstanding service.

We have also found that it is only possible to deliver outstanding service - consistently and dependably – by practicing exactly what you preach.

We understand that every transaction with a client is “A Moment of Truth”.

Our success is simply a reflection of how much and how well we care for our clients and our associates. Consequently, we select both with the utmost care and work hard to create a business environment that fulfills the needs of all involved.

In daily practice, this translates into an organizational emphasis on integrity, teamwork and balance.

This isn't as hard or complicated as it sounds. We find - and our clients will agree - that it is a pleasure to work with outstanding people.

LinkedIn Testimonial - Val Steel
"After having attended a goal/vision planning class of Carol & Jonathan's I was so impressed with their ability to describe the visioning process & motivate a group to focus on the future of their intent & direction that I brought them in to address my governing members. Their instruction helped the entire group move with a common intent. These two are delightful, engaging and injected just the right amount of humor into what could have felt like a very obtuse assignment. This was a very valuable exercise for all. Given the opportunity/need I would certainly consider using their services again." Service Category: Business Consultant Year first hired: 2007 Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Director of Tourism, Middleton, WI