What my clients say....

“We are pleased with Kara’s ongoing, forward-thinking advice. She has continually and
appropriately recommended changes to our financial plan in order to meet our stated goals and
objectives. The holistic approach she employed saved more than 40% on our current and future
taxes. Her use of charitable planning helps us achieve our philanthropic goals without having to
give away any control. She has greatly impacted our financial future and family legacy.”

Linda Carlson, Vice President, Area Manager Umpqua Bank
Ray Carlson, Surveyor, Ray Carlson & Associates

“My husband and I dream of retirement and, like everyone, want to live a long healthy life. Kara
took a holistic approach to our financial future and provided us with safety of principal for our
retirement accounts without giving up growth potential, and secured long term care coverage with
no ongoing premium. I have peace of mind knowing that my husband and I have a solid plan for
the future. Kara delivered impactful, long term results and is a pleasure to deal with.”

Jackie Moreira, Attorney, Law Offices of Philip H. Kelly
Joseph Moreira, General Manager, Team Ghilotti, Engineering Contractors

“Kara asked us what we wanted in retirement and after listening to us she explained our options
in detail and in easy to understand terms. After modeling different scenarios with her, we were
able to make well informed decisions. As a result, our assets are protected from market volatility,
we reduced our taxes and generated additional retirement income! Thank you, Kara!”

Dave & Darlene Puentes, Keysight Global Trade & Logistics

“Kara took the time to understand the specific needs of my wife and I prior to her proposal of
product. She appropriately matched our needs with an insurance carrier and was patient with us
as we had to make a few changes along the way. We were working on finalizing our estate plan
simultaneously and Kara was able to update the ownership and beneficiary designation to
accurately reflect our trust. As a managing partner of a wealth management firm in Sausalito, I
feel confident in referring my clients to her for their insurance related needs.”

James Demmert, Managing Partner, Main St. Research, LLC.

“I asked Kara to propose long term care for my wife and I. We had several meetings that
included general information about the coverage and she provided specific proposals for our
consideration that included several funding alternatives. She took the time to explain all our
options and provided me with statistical information about claims and the financial stability of the
insurance carriers. Simultaneously, I had her review my existing life insurance policy. Her
analysis concluded that the life insurance I had was eroding and I did not even know it. She
suggested that I surrender the policy and take the built up cash value. She provided me with a
proposal for the same death benefit that I had for significantly less premium. Upon completion of
this strategy, it gave me an influx of cash that helped me pay for my long term care policy; which
was important to me in protecting my assets.”

Jim Famini, Real Estate Broker, Vanguard Properties

“I had purchased a Whole Life Insurance policy in 1990. It hadn’t been reviewed for 10 years.
After meeting with Kara and discussing my insurance needs and circumstances, I was comfortable
with having her take a look and determine if my existing policy was still right for me. With Kara’s
analysis of my existing policy and recommendation, she was able to transfer me into a policy that
provided a more efficient use of my money. I trust her expertise and knowledge and appreciate
the time she spent to improve my financial health.”

Lynda Adams, Former Branch Manager & Vice President, Exchange Bank

"As an attorney, my firm provides some disability insurance. However, it was obvious that in the
event I became disabled, the benefit would simply not be enough. Kara took the time to
understand and discuss my existing insurance, unique circumstances and fluctuating income. She
was able to negotiate with the insurance underwriter to increase my disability benefit in order to
give me the best possible coverage. As a broker, she was able to offer me the most appropriate
policy that was tailored to fit my specific needs. It made the most sense to keep what I had and
supplement the difference. In my opinion, all working individuals should have a disability policy to
ensure that they have the ability to continue an income stream should something happen."

Mary Derner, Attorney at Law, Caulfield Law Firm

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