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Focus Strategic Solutions

Focus Strategic Solutions

Kara Stewart focuses on her clients’ financial future..

Sometimes inspiration finds you when you
least expect it. For Kara Stewart, inspiration

came during her attendance to a tax-
planning summit that not only exposed
her to additional creative tax reduction
techniques to help transition her clients’
success into significance, but it also changed
her life personally.

Stewart has nearly two decades’ experience
working for financial institutions such as
Merrill Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank, and
almost half of her career with Vantreo
Insurance Brokerage as the financial service
manager and assistant vice president. She
dreamed of opening her own practice. In
2010, Stewart founded her own company,
Focus Insurance Brokerage. Stewart has
built an impressive reputation amongst her
clients, colleagues and peers for her ongoing,
individualized attention to her clients;
providing extensive knowledge and an
unbiased consultation while maintaining the
highest standards of integrity.
Kara is recognized by the prestigious Million
Dollar Roundtable, (MDRT). MDRT members
demonstrate exceptional professional
knowledge, strict ethical conduct and
outstanding client service. MDRT membership
is recognized internationally as the standard
of excellence in the life insurance and
financial services business.

Stewart places extreme value in her
continued education and frequently
attends workshops, symposiums, forums
and summits to ensure she is always at the
cutting-edge of her industry. At this particular
conference, she was exposed to powerful,
innovative financial techniques, programs
and systems that would enable her to help
her clients empower their wealth. “I was
exposed to new tax reduction strategies that
even the veteran CPAs in attendance weren’t
aware of!” she says. “Immediately after the
summit, I reached out to some of my clients
to apply my new planning tools. I was literally
moved to tears when I realized the positive
impact of the work we completed together,
which reduced their current taxes by 50
percent and set them up for a 10 percent
taxable retirement. It positively impacted
the clients and their entire family for many

Another area of growth she attributes to
the tax-planning institute (that she is now a
member of and attends frequently), is that
she changed her words and in doing so,
changed her life.

She removed the word
“insurance” from her company name, as
her strategies are far beyond the placement
of insurance. “The word ‘insurance’ implies
you have to have an accident, get sick or die
to win. I ‘focus’ on a clients’ living benefits
and what products can do, such as tax free
accumulation and tax free distribution, not
what they are called.” says Stewart.
Today, Stewart’s newly re-branded business,
Focus Strategic Solutions, is the culmination
of her expertise in financial planning.

Her hands-on, personal approach suits her innate
desire to help people. She is truly passionate
about her practice and her clients’ lives.
The three words of her new business form
the pillars to her practice. “I put YOU into
focUs” and “get FOCUSed” are Stewart’s
running mottos, and are the foundation that
requires her clients’ trust. “We represent a
process, not a product,” she says. “Who and
what is most important to you?” is one of
the first questions she asks clients. Another
is, “In an ideal world, at what age do you
want to retire, and what income do you need
to maintain the lifestyle you have become
accustomed to?”

Stewart uses “strategic” in her new business
name because of her access to trusted
advisors such as CPA’s, attorneys, and other
financial experts. Using their combined
resources and expertise, her clients are better

informed, and can appropriately prepare for
their financial future.

The word “solutions” refers to her capacity
to employ multiple strategies for a tax
efficient portfolio and a stable retirement

income. Whether it’s a plan to create tax-
free income for retirement, guaranteed

income for life or making a comprehensive
succession plan for individuals or businesses,
Stewart makes her clients and their goals her
top priority. “That’s the most important thing
about my practice now,” she emphasizes.
“I don’t work for you; I work with you.
Together, we put YOU in focUs!”